About Bangladesh

Bangladesh, meaning “Bengal Nation,” is a country in South Asia; and is bordered by India to its west, north and east; Myanmar to its southeast; to its south, it faces the Bay of Bengal.  Bangladesh boasts a population of 160 million people, making the rather small country the seventh most populous in the world and one of the most densely populated. The vast majority of the citizens of Bangladesh self-identify as ethnically Bengali, though tribal groups concentrated mainly in the regions bordering Myanmar are also part of the country’s landscape. Bangladesh is also the third largest Muslim-majority country in the world; the Bangladeshi are well-known as Moderate Muslim people.

Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country; the low-lying country is vulnerable to flooding and cyclones, and stands to be badly affected by any rises in sea levels. These frequent disasters damage crop production and increase food insecurity. The major employer is agriculture, but it is unable to meet the demand for jobs; the cultivable land is decreasing day by day to accommodate its large number of population. About 61 percent of the population of Bangladesh is of working age (15 to 64-years-old), while 34 percent is under the age of 14, indicating a moderate youth bulge. The estimated unemployment rate about 5 percent, and 31.5 percent of the population is below the poverty line. Over population, widespread poverty, underemployment, and a youthful age structure have all contributed to the predominance of economically motivated international migration from Bangladesh. Since the 1990s, remittances have played an increasingly important role in the national economy of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh are very hardworking and intelligent by nature; not only the labor, many skilled person are also doing prestigious job in different countries of the world.


Poverty is deep and widespread in Bangladesh, but it has in recent years reduced population growth and improved health and education. Over the last ten years Bangladesh has made impressive gains in key human development indicators. However, even though Bangladesh has taken considerable steps towards poverty alleviation, many challenges remain. More than 63 million people live below the poverty line, the constant threat of sudden shocks – natural and manmade – the uncertain impact of globalization and an increasingly competitive international trade environment impede higher growth rates. Bangladesh thus faces considerable challenges in order to sustain and build on the achievements of the last decade and to remain on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Once upon a time, Bangladesh has often been dismissed as a no-hope nation, but now the scenario has been changed! In recent years, this dynamic country proudly considers itself to be an active participant in an increasingly global community. It is a nation charged with perseverance and promise. Some economists see Bangladesh as one of the “Next Eleven” tier of emerging economy countries with potential for serious foreign-investment-led growth. It has achieved significant strides in human and social development since independence, including in progress in gender equity, universal primary education, food production, health and population control.

Bangladesh is a rural wonderland laden with waterways, peppered with villages and some of the most open-hearted people you will ever have the honor to meet. The world’s longest natural sandy sea beach, Cox’s Bazaar and one of the world’s largest Mangrove forest, Sundarbans is situated in Bangladesh. Above all, the main attraction of Bangladesh is its rural people! “Happiness needs no reason” – this is what you will feel when you’ll come to this land. Here everyone has a story – story to celebrate the life, story to survive, story to come to the help of others, story to become and hospitable and smiling – which might be your life-time experience.

Life is so good when you live in Bangladesh. The people and the nature will help you to get the most out of it. Happiness, for us, needs no reason. We are always happy with knowing who we are whether our capability is satisfactory to us or not. We know how to celebrate the life we are given. We know how to get the most out of our life. It just goes to show how much the world has to learn about the trendsetting, breathtaking and hard-working country that is Bangladesh. You are most welcome to visit the Rural Bangladesh!