Benefit For Students

We believe, just providing some money is not effective, parental care is also important for these types of underprivileged children. Usually, their parents are not only poor but also illiterate or ill-conscious. So, for providing proper guidance, we appoint local volunteer (usually teacher) for every student.  The volunteers support the students in all possible way and motivate them to become a perfect human. The services we provide to the moral children are summarized below:

Scholarship: Students get regular scholarship at every two months together.  The amount of scholarship is quite sufficient to pay the tuition fees and to buy the education stationaries.

Parental Care: Students get direct supervision from his/her local volunteer. They also get inspiration from coordinator and Moral Parent frequently over phone or other media. We also guide the students in their admission, job, foreign scholarship etc.

Life Time Support: Moral Parenting is not only providing scholarship for a limited period, it’s a continuous support up to the student’s establishment. So, the student need not worry about their future, it helps them to concentrate on their study.

Emergency Support: Sometime students get extra support from the Moral Parent and Moral Parenting authority in case of emergency, i.e., paying admission/exam fees, extra tuition fees, accident or other family or social crisis.

Parental Training & Seminars: Whilst the program primarily targets children, it also offers training and educational seminars for the parent of the students (at least one in six months). We motivate them regarding the necessity of education, disadvantage of child marriage, consciousness of mental & physical health of their children etc.

Annual Excursion: Once a year, a general excursion/tour program is conducted with all students, volunteer, Moral Parents and coordinators. One or more renowned persons are also invited. In this program, the students can meet with other students and their Moral Parents. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen the bondage and establish a moral relationship among us.