What is Moral Parenting ?
Moral Parenting is a moral relationship between a great heated person (Moral Parent) and an unprivileged child (Moral Child). This relationship is initiated by providing some financial support to one or more poor but meritorious students (অদম্য মেধাবী) to keep continue his/her study. On the other hand, the student is also committed to keep communication with his/her Moral Parent. 

In this trust, we collect and distribute scholarship for the students and look after the students by local volunteer (usually Teacher) and send report to Moral Parent Regularly.

Who are Moral Child?
The Moral Children are the unfortunate children living under the poverty line who are naturally meritorious but their student life is going to be ruined because of poverty. In Moral Parenting program, the information of some of those students will be collected and written the real story of their life in our Facebook page (Moral Parenting). You may pick any student(s) as your Moral Child and provide some scholarship to support them in their study.


How can you select the students to be Moral Children ?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions! Since the number of impoverished families here is overwhelming, we identify the children most in need and naturally brilliant, based on an extensive assessment process that includes interviews of the children, their parents and teachers.
যাকাতের টাকা Moral Parenting এ দেওয়া যাবে কি ???

মোরাল প্যারেন্টিং এর কন্সেপ্ট একটি ভাল উদ্যোগ। যাকাত বণ্টনের ৮ টি খাতের মধ্যে প্রধান দুটি খাত গরীব-মিসকীন। তাই এ যাকাতকে যদি জ্ঞান অর্জনের প্রতি উদ্বুদ্ধ করণ হিসেবে গরীব ছাত্রদেরকে বৃত্তি হিসেবে প্রদান করা হয় এতে করে যাকাত আদায় হয়ে যাবে। সেটা দ্বীনী জ্ঞান হোক কিংবা দুনিয়াবী কল্যাণকর কোন জ্ঞান হোক। মোরাল প্যারেন্টিং যে কন্সেপ্ট নিয়ে কাজ করে সেটা যাকাতের মূল উদ্দেশ্যের সাথে খুবই সামঞ্জস্যপূর্ণ। তাই যাকাতের টাকা মোরাল প্যারেন্টিং এর মাধ্যমে ছাত্রছাত্রীদের বৃত্তি দেওয়ার উপযুক্ত স্থান। তবে নিম্নোক্ত শর্ত গুলো পালন করতে হবেঃ

১) যাকাতের টাকায় কোন নন-মুসলিম ছাত্রছাত্রীকে বৃত্তি দেওয়া যাবে না।

২) স্টুডেন্ট যে পরিমান বৃত্তি পাবে সেই পরিমান টাকার যাকাত হিসাব করতে হবে; বাকি টাকা (ট্র্যান্সফার চার্জ, ভলেন্টিয়ার সম্মানী, এডমিন খরচ) আলাদা হিসাবে ধরতে হবে।

৩) স্টুডেন্টের জন্য এক বছরের টাকা একবারে (মালিকানা ছেড়ে) মোরাল প্যারেন্টিং ফান্ডে জমা দিতে হবে। স্টুডেন্টকে দুই মাস পর পর বৃত্তি দেওয়া যাবে।

৪) স্টুডেন্ট যদি মোরাল প্যারেন্টিং এর শর্ত ভংগ করে তাহলে তার বৃত্তি বাতিল করে সেই টাকা অন্য স্টুডেন্টকে দেওয়া যাবে (পূর্বেই সেটা স্টুডেন্টকে জানাতে হবে), তবে যেটা অলরেড়ি দেওয়া হয়েছে সেটা নিয়ে তাকে কোন জবাবদিহি করা যাবে না।

(রেফারেন্স সহ পুরা লেখাটি দেখতে চাইলে ম্যাসেস এ চাইতে পারেন।)


শাইখ মুহাম্মদ নূরুল্লাহ্‌ তারীফ

ইসলামিক ইউনিভার্সিটি মদিনা বর্তমানে,

পি.এইচ.ডি গবেষক, কিং সউদ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়, রিয়াদ, সৌদি আরব

Who can be a Moral Parent ?
Any Bangladeshi from any place of this world can be Moral Parent. To become a Moral Parent, you should support one student for one year (at least).
How the relationship will be developed between Moral Child and Moral Parent ?
We believe that correspondence is an important means for a Moral Child and Moral Parent to develop a positive relationship. For this reason, we work closely with the children to ensure that they write to their parents periodically. We also encourage the Moral parent to write some words to motivate their Moral Child as they can. If any Moral Parent wants to talk or visit his/her Moral child; we’d help you in all possible way. We will do our best to work with each sponsor on an individual basis as we understand that sponsors may have special interests and differing expectations.
How can I take care of my Moral Children from overseas?
You may communicate with your moral child through our website, different social medias, email, phone, video chat etc. The Moral child write letter to you regularly and you are also encouraged to response to your Moral child. You may visit your Moral Child; we’d help you in this regards. We’d take care of your Moral Children on behalf of you and inform the progress of your children regular basis. Now, the communication system is very advance and cheap; it is not so difficult to keep communication from any part of the world. In future, it will be more advance, it may break all boarders or overcome all barriers and bring the whole world under a single community.
How Moral Parenting is different from the donation of NGO?
NGO’s donation is used to fill up the basic needs or to upgrade the awareness or some development of the society of the Sponsor Child. and Moral parenting’s Most part of the scholarship is used for study purpose of the Moral Child.
How Moral Child is different from adopted child?
Moral Parenting is a Moral Relationship, there is no legal basis. The Moral Child cannot demand any property of the Moral Parent.
What is the status of the children’s legal parent?
The status of the children’s legal parent is as usual. He/she will provide written consent regarding the Moral Parenting of his/her child.
How do we maintain the financial transparency?
The money transaction of this project will be 100% transparent; every transaction is noticed to the Moral parent with supporting documents. Every Moral Parent can know where and how their money is expended; he/she can also confirm the information from the Moral Child directly. It is totally a non-profit and moral project, morality of human is main strength here; so, we committed to show zero tolerance in any kind of dishonesty and corruption.
What is the minimum amount of Scholarship to become a Moral Parent?
To become a Moral Parent, you should provide scholarship to at least one student at least one year. The amount of Scholarship for different age groups are stated here.
Can I Parent more than One Child?
Yes! You are encouraged to become the Parent of many Moral Children (as much as possible). For parenting of certain number of children for certainperiod, you will be awarded!
Where is the Program area?
At the initial stage, we started the project in a rural area of Bangladesh.If the project become successful, we have ambition to extend it nationally, even internationally in future.
Are you going to open new school for the children?
Not at all! The children study in the school/institute of their area. We parent the child in their study and other related matter. However, if any child need extra tuition, then we may arrange it with consent of the respective Moral Parent.
How can I send Scholarship?
We don’t accept donation other than scholarship to specific student. plz select the student first and the write email to  moralparenting@gmail.com  for account details.
Can I donate some money for one time?
We encourage to pay scholarship for a specific child; this is the concept of Moral Parenting. At this moment, we don’t accept other donation; Sorry!
What is Moral Parenting?
Your child will be thrilled to receive a card or small gift on special occasions like on birthdays or at Christmas; Eid, New year etc. Gifts, such as games or books, school stationary which can be shared with siblings, make the best gifts. We recommend not giving expensive gifts.
Okay, I’m interested in Moral Parenting; what should I do now?
Please follow the easy five steps to become a Moral parent. (Link –Procedure of registration for Parenting)

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