Benefit For Moral Parent

Moral Parenting is a humanitarian work; everybody join with us because of their moral responsibility.  It might be a divine feelings that a child of the nature, to whom you didn’t give birth, may live in different area; however, growing up with your parental care, and consider you as his/her parent. The services we are providing to the Moral Parents are summarized below:

Parental care: We are committed to provide proper parental care to your moral Child on behalf of you. This includes not only study matter but also other parts of life of the children.

Hand written letter: Every month, we shall send you a scan copy of hand written letter from your Moral Child(ren) by email. The letter reflects the gratefulness, commitment and progress of your Moral Child. If you reply the letter, we also hand over it to the corresponding child.

Progress Reports: The volunteer will send you the progress report of your Moral Child at every two months. We also send you the result card of examination just after getting from the educational institute.

Proper Utilization of Money: We utilize your money in proper way for appropriate student. Not a single paisa will be expended without your consent. We’ll send you the account update at every two months. Mainly, we select meritorious students for scholarship; we hope, these students will be well-established in future.

Correspondence: We strongly encourage you to maintain regular correspondence with your child. You may write some words to motivate your Moral Child(ren); you may talk over phone or other media (we’d help you) or you may share some of your pictures etc. It is very important to build up a cordial relationship between you and your moral child.   We are pleased to invite you to visit your Moral Child(ren); if you are interested, we’d provide support regarding the visit. You are requested to do all correspondence through our office.

Reward in Future: It is not a binding but we believe, if we would provide cordial support to a needy child and help him/her to be established; then the child will be grateful to us naturally. This spiritual relationship may be a great asset for us in future. We may not need money, but trusty of love is forever.  We believe, unconditional love returns naturally.

Sponsorship Webpage: A sponsorship log in account on our webpage will be opened for you, and we will assign you a password and issue access instructions. You will be able to view progress notes and health updates on your child, and view photos taken of your child during excursions and monitoring visits. You will also be able to check your payment status and your personal information form to ensure that the information is correct. (On process)