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Welcome to Moral Parenting!

In 2008, when I was doing my PhD in Japan, we bought milk tea from vending machine by 100 yen (around Tk. 80). One day, I thought, if I could save one day tea bill, I could pay one month tuition fee of a student in Bangladesh. I was born is a rural place; I observed the struggle of the poor people to fulfill their fundamental needs. I saw many meritorious students dropped out from education due to poverty. From then, every month after getting the scholarship, I sent some money to my mother to provide scholarship to some students around my village home. I continued this procedure for 7 years.

During this time, I faced two challenges. First, my contribution was very few compared to the real necessity. It was painful for me to say NO to a brilliant student whose education life is going to be end due to poverty; but it was beyond my capacity. Second, the parents of most of these children were not only poor but also illiterate; they couldn’t provide proper guidance to their children. I realized, money and proper parenting both are equally important to build up the life of these kinds of children.

From this realization, the concept of ‘Moral Parenting’ came in my mind. I believe there are many great hearted people in our society who wants to take part in humanitarian activity but couldn’t manage time for guidance. It is also troublesome to find the proper students. Let us work together! We’ll introduce some meritorious students of poor families with you by writing their real-life-story as ‘Story of Jungle Buds’. You are cordially requested to support one or more students by providing scholarship. We’ll distribute your scholarship to your student (Moral Child). We also assign a volunteer (teacher or local social worker) for monitoring the student closely and inform you the progress in regular basis.

By the way, money is involved with this activity; the question of transparency comes naturally. I assure you, the account management will be 100% transparent; not a single paisa is expended without your consent.

Dear friends, hundreds of brilliant students are dropping from education every year only for poverty. Let’s extend our moral hand to (at least) one of them, and help them to grow up. Let’s establish a life-long spiritual bondage with invincible meritorious students by supporting them in their struggle against dream-killing poverty!

If you have same feeling, please share the concept of Moral Parenting in your social media. Your little effort may save the education life of a needy but brilliant student.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Md. Mahbubar Rahman