Our Working Procedure

Our working procedure is as follows:

  • We collect the information of meritorious students of poor families from different educational institute.
  • We write the real story of their life as “Story of Jangle Buds” in our website www.moralparenting.org and invite scholarship.
  • We circulate the information of the students by social media and invite scholarship from people living in country or abroad.
  • If any great-hearted person wants to provide scholarship, then we collect scholarship money in 1/2 installment (yearly).
  • We distribute the scholarship every two months (together) and send the account update to the scholarship provider.
  • We monitor the students by local volunteers and inform the progress report to the respective Moral Parent.
  • Beside these, we take necessary steps to strengthen the bondage between Moral Parent and Moral Child and motivate the children to grow up as Moral Human.