Scholarship Management Procedure

In Moral Parenting, the account system is 100% transparent and straight forward; not a single Paisa is expended without the consent of scholarship provider (Moral Parent). For scholarship management, we follow the following procedure:

  • Scholarship is collected by coordinator in yearly or half yearly form Moral Parent.
  • Scholarship is distributed at every two months together.
  • We send the money to the corresponding campus coordinator at the last day of the first month.
  • The campus coordinator distributes the scholarship to the Moral Child by 5th day of the second month.
  • After receiving the scholarship, the Moral Child writes a letter to his/her Moral Parent (mentioning the amount); campus coordinator send its scan copy to the coordinator by 7th of the second month.
  • We upload the letter to the MPSoft account of the Moral Parent by 10th of the second month.
  • Beside scholarship, the Moral Parent may (if wish) send gift/extra money to his/her Moral Child.