Target Students

In Bangladesh, more than 35% children live below the poverty line; it is beyond our capacity to help all of them. However, we can save the student life of some meritorious students among them. Some students are naturally meritorious! Though they don’t get enough support from their family, even they have to work to support their family; however, they are doing excellent result in the examination because of their natural merit and endless effort – our target is to help those students.

We set the following criteria to get the scholarship: 

  1. The student should achieve at least CGPA 4.50 (out of 5.00) at the latest examination (PSC/JSC/SSC/HSC) or studying in a public university. (exempted in extreme situation)
  2. The student should be a regular student (class attendance at least 80% ).
  3. The income of the student’s family is below poverty line (Tk 150 or USD 2 per day).
  4. The student should be chosen by any Moral Parent.
  5. The student and the legal guardian should agree with 4 points of the Commitment form:
  • Use the scholarship only for study purpose.
  • In future, the student would be the Moral Parent of (at least) two students.
  • Always try to contribute for the welfare of the society and mankind.
  • Must not involve in any unlawful activity that may be harmful for the nation or society.

If any one of the above points is violated, the scholarship will be cancelled immediately.